Hedera Hashgraph LG News

South Korean Electronics Giant LG Joins Hedera Hashgraph Council

Electronics giant LG joined the Hedera Hashgraph governing council Wednesday. Its the council’s first home appliance manufacturer and second Asia-based member.
Blockchain COVID-19 Elizabeth Renieris Immunity Pass People Privacy Security Tech

Resignation at Identity Initiative Raises Doubts About Immunity Passes

Prominent researcher Elizabeth Renieris said ID2020 was moving too fast to adopt unproven technology, including distributed ledgers, for immunity passes.
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Market Wrap: Bullish Traders Push Bitcoin Over $9,100, Returning to Halving Levels

Traders were feeling good about bitcoin’s upward trend and pushed it over $9,100 Wednesday.
CoinDesk Confessionals Mati Greenspan People Quantum Economics

38 Questions for Quantum’s Mati Greenspan

CoinDesk Confessionals explores the inner psyche of blockchain’s leading professionals. Crypto analyst Mati Greenspan discusses missing Y2K and his biggest anti-hero.
Innovation People Podcasts The Breakdown

Why Innovation Matters (and How Not to Screw It Up), Feat. Matt Ridley

The “Rational Optimist” author gives his take on the economic history and possible futures of prosperity’s most important driver: innovation

Private Firms Can Boost Central Bank Digital Currencies, IMF Official Says

Synthetic CBDCs could let the private sector manage digital currencies backed by central banks, says the IMF’s Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli.
Bitcoin FTSE 100 Markets Mining Nikkei 225 Price S&P 500 Stablecoins

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Can’t Stick to $9,000 While Stocks Rally

While bitcoin has been trending lower, Tuesday’s big winner in the markets are equities.
Narrative People Podcasts The Breakdown

Deglobalization and Other Narrative Violations, Feat. Geoff Lewis

In a world where conventional wisdom has never been more up for grabs, one VC explains why there is opportunity in alternative narratives.
Internet of Things Opinion Tech

Look to Design, Not Laws, to Protect Privacy in the Surveillance Age

In the smart home era, we need to take privacy protection into our own hands, says the co-founder of IoTeX. Privacy laws won’t help us.
Gavin Wood Interoperability Polkadot Tech Web3 Foundation

Polkadot Goes Live as Web3 Foundation Pushes Prospective Mainnet

Polkadot is now live, following the launch of its first “chain candidate” (CC1).